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Thank you for your interest in Skyline College of Virginia in Roanoke, VA. Skyline College has closed as of November 30, 2015.


Skyline College of Virginia (Roanoke campus) has arranged for the storage and accessibility of student records and transcripts with ECPI University (5555 Greenwich Road, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462). If you require a transcript, please download and complete the Transcript Request Form and submit it, along with the required fee, as directed on the form. If you have any questions regarding the transcript process, please contact: registrar@ecpi.edu.


If you have other questions related to the closure of Skyline College of Virginia (Roanoke campuses), please contact the Accreditation Office at ECPI University by email at accreditation@ecpi.edu. If you are interested in learning more about educational opportunities in the Roanoke, Virginia area, we suggest you visit ECPI University for campus locations and program offerings.