Student Services

Student Services

This page is your portal to the tools, services, and websites necessary to earn your degree. You can view Grades and Schedules, College Catalog, Moodle, as well as benefit from special pricing on software and hardware from JourneyEd and Apple.

Study Abroad

Studying abroad can be an exciting way to spend a term or portion of a term. But more importantly, study abroad can open your window to the world. Your own perspectives will be broadened and future employers will value your experience. Click here for details.

Health Insurance

High and low option coverages are available depending on the students needs and budget.

Pen Drives

You may purchase your PEN DRIVE at the student window. Pen Drives have revolutionized the personal data storage market. Its size, large storage capacity and USB port flexibility changes the way you store, share and transfer your data. The PEN DRIVE is tiny and allows you to transport your data securely and conveniently Now you won't be bothered with time consuming installations, slow transfers, or the burden of carrying cumbersome accessories. With the PEN DRIVE, you can quickly synchronize critical data between school, work and home without hassle. PEN DRIVE sets the standard in size and portability. It weighs less than an ounce, fits in your pocket or purse and allows you to connect with any computer's USB port automatically. No software is necessary The PEN DRIVE is the perfect tool for anyone on the go. Copy anything you need safely and securely.